Sunday, June 5, 2016

Printable Pawns: Pig Faced Orcs

Printable Pawns:  Pig Faced Orcs


Does the Orc Warlord have a band of raiders terrorizing the countryside?  Does the Evil Wizard require lieutenants to marshal his troops? Does their Dark Deity require pawns to use in an eternal battle against the Forces of Good?


These Pig Faced Orcs can do all that and more! Whether on command by their own chief, or at the order of some greater, more sinister evil, Orcs can be found in nearly any environment ready to perform the most heinous atrocities.  And now they’re ready to enter your world, but are your PC’s ready for them?


This set contains eight different characters suitable for fantasy games. These figures come in THREE different construction styles: A-Frame, T-Frame, and Based Figures for swappable bases. In addition to the colored characters, there is also a printer-friendly black-and-white version suitable for your own custom colors. All figures are 30mm scale.

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