Thursday, January 1, 2015

NEW RELEASE: Printable Pawns-Jungle Natives

Printable Pawns:  Jungle Natives

            Do your explorers need some locals to guide the safari?  Or perhaps a band of hunters are stalking them for trespassing across sacred tribal lands?  Perhaps you need the descendants of a lost civilization, swallowed by the jungle and forgotten to the world?  
          Natives.  They could both help or hinder a party of players.  They could be allies of the Lord of the Apes, or protectors of the Queen of the Jungle.  Or perhaps they are the guardians of the legendary gem known as the Heart of the Fire God.  Whoever they are, no jungle from any pulp story was complete without them.

          This set contains eight different characters suitable for pulp games.  These figures come in THREE different construction styles: A-Frame, T-Frame, and Based Figures for swappable bases. In addition to the colored characters, there is also a printer-friendly black-and-white version suitable for your own custom colors.  All figures are 30mm scale.