Saturday, July 20, 2013

Frugal GM Reviews Printable Pawns

A very special thanks to Christopher Stogdill at The Frugal GM for taking the time and trouble to share his opinions about our Printable Pawns.  This is the very first review that I am aware of to appear somewhere other than DriveThru/RPGNow. 

Further thanks for the various points, both good and bad that you expressed.  It is very encouraging to know that you found so many positive features to our product, and that you appreciate them enough to share that appreciation with the online gaming community and all of cyberspace.  Thank you again!

If you would like to read Mr. Stogdill's thoughtful review of our Printable Pawns, you can find it at his gaming blog, The Frugal GM , where he discusses several useful products and tools to enhance your gaming experience!

Good Adventuring!