Friday, February 25, 2022



Pig Faced Orcs 2

Is there a great Warchief uniting the Orc tribes into one overwhelming army?  Has the Dark Lord pressed Orcs from multiple…rival…tribes into his service?  Or perhaps different Orc tribes are competing for territory and the spoils found therein?

These Pig Faced Orcs can do all that and more! Whether on command by their own chief, or at the order of some greater, more sinister evil, Orcs can be found in nearly any environment ready to perform the most heinous atrocities.  And now they’re ready to enter your world, but are your PC’s ready for them?

This set contains eight different characters suitable for fantasy games.  These figures come in FOUR different colors.  Each color comes in THREE different construction styles: A-Frame, T-Frame, and Based Figures for swappable bases. All figures are 30mm scale.

Tuesday, February 22, 2022

Goblin Raiders 2


Are rival Goblin Tribes engaged in a turf war?  Is an Orc Warchief conscripting Goblins as cannon fodder for his army?  Does the Evil Wizard collect Goblin Minions like PCs collect treasure?

Then you need figures that represent Goblins of different Tribes!

 Inspired by the description listed in the First Edition Monster Manual, this set presents the characters from our original Goblin Raiders set re-colored in three different color schemes.

This set contains forty-eight different characters suitable for fantasy games.  These figures come in THREE different construction styles: A-Frame, T-Frame, and Based Figures for swappable bases. All figures are 30mm scale.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2022

Altar of the Last Hope



A Labyrinth Lord Adventure for Character Levels 1-3

Famine comes to Albibonc!

The crops have failed to grow and the livestock is dying.  Could this misfortune be the punishment of Old Gods, left behind long ago as the barbarian tribes of old evolved into more modern people?  

The Player Characters must find an ancient shrine, built by an extinct barbarian tribe, and show the Old Gods that they are not forgotten! 

This adventure was written to be as convenient and easy to use as possible.  It also comes with a second PDF containing all the maps so you can easily consult them in a separate window without having to scroll, or to print out the map for you and your Players.

This adventure was written with the rules presented in Labyrinth Lord and the Advanced Edition Companion and is easily used by other B/X-based rulesets.  Labyrinth Lord is available for free from Goblinoid Games.  So is Advanced Edition Characters, and both are copyright and trademark of Daniel Proctor.