Monday, April 8, 2013

New Release! The Alphanauts' Legacy

Sometimes you need some inspiration for your adventures.  And where does that inspiration come from?  Well, in truth, a wide variety of places.  But one of the best places to find inspiration is in fiction, whether in the form of movies, TV, or books.  Especially books.  Every old-school player remembers Appendix N--a list, a treasure trove of classic fantasy stories ripe with ideas that could be incorporated into your game.  Well, here at Fantanomicon Press, we're hoping to help expand your Appendix N with our new line of adventure fiction, and our first story is available now!

Two-fisted space opera action in the style of the classic pulps!

Captain Bradley Brackett and his team of Galactic Patrol officers are assigned to investigate a robbery performed by a bloodthirsty group of alien bandits.  With the dubious assistance of three mercenaries, hired by one of the robbery victims, Brackett and his team embark on a star-spanning adventure where they encounter vicious alien animals, a murderous group of mobsters, and an eccentric cult who seek to learn the secrets of the first race to achieve space travel--an extinct civilization known as the Alphanauts!

Based on the online serial "The Adventures of Bradley Brackett of the Galactic Patrol".